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Nowadays, there are uncontrollable foreign lotteries that are issued every day and sold inside the Lao PDR, which are illegal lotteries. The government does not get any benefits from this situation.  If we issue the lottery for two more days, Tuesday and Thursday, it will be a crackdown on the illegal lottery in the market. This concept, especially if it is a new product Lottery, would be sustainably generating income for the government, distributing income to the community, as well as creating jobs to public.


To generate more income for the government, build the economy to be better, people have more jobs, and reduce illegal gambling, especially the lottery that does not benefit the nation.


  • To eliminate illegal lottery.
  • To generate more revenue for the government.
  • To create more jobs for public an all ethnic group
  • To make the economy better.
  • To encourage society situation.
  • To create product innovation.

12 Lasee Lottery

The 12 zodiac signs is a legend that has been told since ancient times (over 1,000 years) to remember what year you were born
because of  no numbers and alphabet in those times .
Mostly in Asia, Asian people, e, ASEAN people especially Chines and Lao people, will consider the year of birth as important when looking at the horoscope focusing on the year of birth.
12 zodiac signs in  Asia  having 3 styles
Lao and Thai styles will follow the Lao-Thai traditional new year starting from April 
Chinese style will follow the Chinese new year starting from February
Vietnamese style will follow the Vietnamese new year starting from February (but Vietnam will not have the Year of the Rabbit, but will be called the Year of the Cat instead)
In addition  the idea came from  to use the horoscope as a lucky draw by believing  that the people of Laos have been tied to these 12 zodiac signs since  a long time
Therefore, the legend of 12 zodiac signs would be the idea source of 12 Lasee Lottery  accordingly

12 lasee lottery model

12 lasee lottery model

1 – Year of The Rat              7 – Year of The Horse

2 – Year of The Ox               8 -  Year of The Goat

3 – Year of The Tiger            9 – Year of The Monkey  

4 – Year of The Rabbit        10 – Year of The Rooster

5 – Year of Dragon              11 – Year of The Dog

6 – Year of Snake                12 – Year of The Pig


12 lasee lottery model

12 lasee lottery model would be conducted with 12  zodiac signs determining in issuing the prize with available umbers from  1 to 12 12 lasee lottery mode

Distribution Channels

1). 12 lasee lottery distribution via Lottery Machine

For your convenient, you could buy 12 Lasee lottery tickets through general lottery dealers who sell at various locations widespread. When the customers buy, they will receive the lottery ticket from the seller immediately.  In addition, they could bring lottery ticket to get the prizes either with dealer or unit head representatives at nearest locations  covering all country

2). 12 lasee lottery distribution via mobile application – Insee Hub Super App

Alternative 12 Lasee distribution Channels would be via mobile application. Search and determine any digits of 12 lasee lottery by yourself and make payment conveniently with your various bank account options. When you win the prize, the system will  automatically transfer the money to your account.


3). 12 lasee lottery distribution via self service machine


How to buy 12 lasee lottery tickets


Prize for 12 lasee lottery


ຮູບພາບປະກອບ ວົງລໍ້ ອອກເລກລາງວັນ

ການອອກເລກລາງວັນແມ່ນ ຈະຢຸດການຈຳໜ່າຍໃນເວລາ 8:00 ໂມງ ແລະ ອອກເລກລາງວັນແມ່ນ ເວລາ 8:30 ໂມງ