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We prioritize customers’ satisfaction.

Since the establishment of business in 2001, INSEE Group has intended to run business in tandem with the strengthening of progress and sustainable development under the robust management of the business group that meets all the needs of the market in a comprehensive way.



To be the admire leading firm that understand what our customers and partners preference and customize our products and services to match customers’ satisfaction.


  1. Establishing a high level of standard and trust for Thai and Laos and other related countries nationals.
  2. Providing admire products and services to meet customers’ lifestyles.
  3. Establishing fundamental network to provide future products and services to satisfy customers’ lifestyle.
  4. Offering admire, trustworthy and reliable additional products and services to match customers’ lifestyles.
  5. Continuously training personnel to a high-standard who demonstrate responsibility, enthusiasm and are service-minded in their roles.
  6. Incorporating and utilizing the latest technologies to allow INSEE GROUP to operate and be the leader in its field and offer products and services perfectly match customers’ lifestyles.

Our businesses and services

Established 2001.


We are a leading group of companies with more than 20 years of experience in doing business Management that prioritizes quality foundations and customer service Making Organic Group one of the leading companies in the Lao PDR that is growing and growing more and more

Our clients and business partners