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IT Exellent


IT Excellent

Founded in 2011, with the goals to drive and develop   organizations to be successful with digital platform and technology by producing and providing digital platform development and information technology services to the company in order to facilitate and conduct business to maximum benefits for both the company and business partner including meet customer satisfaction

The company has experience in developing digital platform and information technology to meet the needs of business in various fields, starting from draft ideas, making prototypes, designing and developing, testing and improving, until t success in execution with BAU operations. The company provides a comprehensive range of services in the management and development of digital platform and information technology in various fields for more than 10 years.

Enterprise software development

Raise management level ability of resources and work procedures management to improve process within organization workforce by short cut and eliminate redundant work process and procedures to increase work and outcome efficiency


Mobile application development

One of the channels that can reach the best customer today is mobile application. To perform mobile application development, we are not only considered development platform quality, but also understand designing for customer utilization and user friendly both Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems

Website development

To Increase competitive advantages, website is one of potential in another business channel accessing and present more detail of products and services information to customers 24 hours and allow customer to access from all over the world


Software application development

With expert and professional developer team. We could desire and develop various software applications to meet each distinguish business requirements.

System development and customization

To improve and increase the efficiency of the digital platform and information technology system, System development and customization based on change request requirement by modifying calculation formulas, algorithms, and processing instructions to make the system better for company effectiveness